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Every day, churches and ministries quietly raise the symbols of faith, hope, and love over their city.  Through design strategy, we get people to notice, understand, and follow along.


An Introduction to Digital Presence

a downloadable .PDF

We integrate and apply the principles of design with Christian ministry to provide design strategy for the Coronavirus Age.

This is our process…

First, we examine a Christian ministry per its request for us to assess its external messaging as well as experiential design.  We look for consistency of brand articulation and a demonstrated ability to connect with its stated population segment.

Next, we provide a multi-phased approach to brand transformation – that is, we guide the Christian ministry on exactly what it should do design-wise (ie. digital presence, point-of-contact experience, content strategy, etc.) in order to accomplish its stated goals.

Finally, we offer experiential learning for pastors, staff, as well as the leadership team on how best to act as one team with many responsibilities so that the Christian ministry’s desired population segment can receive a clear message of connection.