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Brand as Religion (Built to Last 2020)

This is Post Two of our reflections for pastor-preneurs based on “Built to Last,” an audio conference from Buffer x Wistia.

Built to Last provided specific insight into the social media strategies of some of the companies featured, one of those strategies being the effort to communicate the “why” of the product or service as opposed to the “what” or “how.”


Well, the companies featured did not want to end up competing on or promoting the characteristics of the product or service itself. Competition on that dimension would likely become unwinnable or unprofitable.

Instead, what they chose to emphasize was what it means to purchase and participate in that particular product or service.

What does that mean?

It means that they are making their brand a matter of faith – of meaning making – and, therefore, religion.

This is where, one would think, the pastor-preneur has a brand advantage over other similar brands as she is able to draw upon the deep and rich resources of her religion.

What the pastor-preneur must bring focus to is not only her story of how her endeavor or enterprise got started, but also how things have changed and developed since that original motivation.

That breadth of story complements the depth of meaning of that story, thereby broadening the potential customer base, because in one way or another people can experience growth through followership of leaders who themselves are experiencing growth.