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Customers as Congregation (Built to Last 2020)

This is Post Three of our reflections for pastor-preneurs based on “Built to Last,” an audio conference from Buffer x Wistia.

Built to Last provided great insight into how social media was being used to organize a customer base into a community.

Separately, Built to Last mentioned the fact that branding as an act takes place when an individual is able to find affinity with some kind of fundamental truth which the brand represents.

What should be taken note by pastor-preneurs, then, are two things in light of our ministry background:

First, community does not form simply because people form a crowd online. Community is a group of individuals who find in common the very fundamental truth which a brand is supposed to represent.

In that way, pastor-preneurs, through their entrepreneurial pursuit, are nurturing the very incarnation of their brand’s truth. The customer base itself must prove it to be true.

This leads us to the second point which is that, what our faith affords us is the brand advantage of pointing to implicit truths (Tillich) which have not yet been incarnated.

In other words, we pastor-preneurs are already used to channeling the grace of God which lures people into areas of their life, through courage, that only exist first in their holy imagination and which can become “real” only by faith.

If we can find a way for business itself to be an extension of God’s grace, to be able to channel such luring into such truths, what we live out is the reality of vocation as ministry in the form of business.

This, thereby, can make the brand itself authentic which will naturally develop ambassadors who will “evangelize” for the brand (as also mentioned in Built to Last).

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